About Us

Most people don't realize how important skin care is not only to the way you look but the way you feel about yourself. Confidence is an important characteristic to have when you want to lead a happy and successful life, and taking care of your skin is a great place to start. Here at our salon, we have many kinds of facial treatments to offer. We know that not everyone has the same texture or problem areas on their face, so it is definitely important to make sure that you are matched with the proper skin treatments and facials. We are more than happy to speak with you about your concerns and make sure that we customize the skin treatment so that it targets your problem areas. All of the tools and materials we use are completely safe and efficient for getting the kind of results you are hoping to see.

If you are not looking for any skincare service and are more interested in a beautiful set of gel or acrylic nails, we can also help you with that. When you make an appointment with us, we make sure to set aside the time necessary to leave you with a flawless manicure and pedicure. We never rush through and do a sloppy job just to make sure we get to another clients. When you visit California Street Skin and Nail Studio, you will have all the attention and time necessary to make sure you are completely satisfied by the end of your time here. We look forward to meeting you!