Day Spa

Ashland, OR

If you work hard, then you deserve to play hard. One of the best ways to reward yourself, be it for attaining your work goals or weight loss goals is by visiting a spa. A spa day will not only motivate you to keep you going but it will also help you relax and unwind. Do you at times wish you could visit a spa but are afraid that this will cost you too much money? You don't need to get a fish pedicure or a Swedish massage to pamper yourself, there are a variety of spa services available that can help you unwind.

California Street Skin and Nail Studio lets you enjoy all the luxurious feeling of a comprehensive high-end spa day at a fraction of the cost. We have broken down services that let you choose what you feel you need to unwind and primp yourself without emptying your wallet. Our service prices are affordable, and there are a variety of treatments available for every budget. So do not be weary about the higher limit of the price range of our spa services.

We are professional estheticians with years of experience in beauty service provision. To top it all, we only use the best skin care products to ensure that you begin experiencing a colossal change in your skin and nails right after your first spa visit. We only use organic non-allergenic products free of FDA banned ingredients. Our range of skincare products are therapeutic, guaranteed to leave you feeling thoroughly pampered and our nail color collection is sure to keep your pals and colleagues asking where you had your nails done. So, if you are in the Ashland, OR area, walk into our studio today or call us at 541-727-2974 or 541-899-5611 and book an appointment for that spa day you have been wanting for the longest time.

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