Facial Treatments

Jacksonville, OR

In the recent years, acne breakouts have become a major issue for most women in their twenties and thirties and for some unlucky forty year olds. Did you have acne-free skin during your puberty years and all of a sudden cystic acne became a norm in your twenties? People say that the change of diet is a major cause while others say it is the effect of pills. Whatever the cause, there is an easy way to manage acne in your adulthood. The secret, ladies and gentlemen, is facial treatments. Professionally-done facials have the ability to control and even clear your acne. Is this statement justifiable? Yes, it is.

A certified esthetician first assesses your skin before determining what skin care products to use and what steps in the facial process are necessary. Additionally, there are specific acne facial steps that an esthetician can perform during the facial to drain cystic pimples. They also know how much exfoliating your skin can handle depending on how active your acne is to avoid aggravating the situation further. At California Street Skin and Nail Studio, we customize our facial treatments to match your skin needs. A skin analysis is carried out on every new client before a facial.

As experienced skin specialists, we have handled a variety of skin issues and we have become a household name in Jacksonville, OR due to our reputation for helping people overcome their skin problems. We pride ourselves in our commitment to using only the best organic therapeutic skin care products that guarantee an immediate improvement of your skin with amazing benefits if used consistently.

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