Medford, OR

Most of us neglect our toenails due to the fact that we wear closed shoes most of the time, but then summer comes and we switch wardrobes to short shorts and summer dresses. At that moment, we wish we had taken better care of our feet and toenails. Well, you don't have to worry any more as California Street Skin and Nail Studio is here to save the day. We are literally the superheroes of nails. We offer a wide range of pedicures and will transform your feet and toe nails with just one visit.

We have a number of pedicure packages for ladies, such as an express pedicure that lasts only 30 minutes and only costs $35; or a studio pedicure, luxury pedicure, or deluxe pedicure that last 45, 60, and 80 minutes respectively for $45, $55, and $65 respectively. We also have men's pedicures. A basic pedicure costs $35 while the spa pedicure lasts 60 minutes and only costs $65. We also offer waxing at an additional cost depending on the wax used and are waxed either half or full legs. So don't worry about looking like you are wearing fur leggings on the beach.

We are located in historic Medford, OR and attend to both walk in clients as well as pre-booked clientele. Call our studio at 541-727-2974 or 541-899-5611 today and enjoy a spa facial treatment. We have a wide range of nail polish colors and whatever your nail desire, we guarantee that we will get it right. We also have broken down services and you can customize your own pedicure package based on your needs. Whatever your needs, California Street Skin and Nail is your solution.

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