Skin Care

Central Point, OR

Skin care is a big deal for both women and men. They say that first impressions matter a lot and people don't judge your clothes and shoes, they judge your skin as well. If you have scarred acneic skin, people are bound to judge you as being unhealthy; some might even say that you are not hygienic, hence the breakout on your face or that you eat a lot of junk food, hence the bad skin. While this stereotyping is not true, clear, glowing skin is usually a mark of beauty and youth. It is therefore quite important to maintain your skin by adopting a skin care routine.

California Street Skin and Nail Studio located in Central Point, OR is a one-stop skin care salon that offers a wide range of services. Our services include facial treatments, body waxing, body treatments, such as polishes and scrubs, facial masks, massages and eye and lip masks. We also offer spa manicures and pedicures. We use organic products that only contain FDA approved ingredients to ensure that we do not expose you to any harmful products. We guarantee that you will see results after just one visit to our studio.

Our prices are affordable, and this allows you to get quality spa services at a fraction of the cost. You get to pamper yourself without breaking the bank! All you need to do is call 541-727-2974 or 541-899-5611 today. We guarantee that by the end of your session, you will want to visit us again.

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